Terry Richter

At an early age, I began to lay my artistic pathway. From mediums in fabric and clay to painting,  my time now, for the past 25 years has been consumed with glass. Finding that glass has many different avenues, my favorite has always been etched glass. Being self-taught and learning from experience I have taught myself the techniques of glass etching, specifically shaded glass etching.  Our construction background has kept my specialty to glass doors for residential purposes. Hence the specialty to work primarily on tempered glass where having control over the flow of medium onto the glass is imperative. Clients have few ready-made options that have a level of creativity to them. I love creating and designing a unique product a client will enjoy every day in their homes. I find that clients like to have affordable and unique options for their homes that don’t feel mass-produced. I have lived almost all my years in Tampa Bay and now maintain my studio in Wesley Chapel full time.  I create all my own designs from my own creations as well as ideas from my clients. I always ask clients to submit anything that inspires them which gives me my own inspiration for their artwork.  It is very fulfilling when a client sees their lineart artwork for design approval then sees their final glass etching artwork. Their usual reaction is that it surpasses their expectations and are absolutely thrilled. For that, many of them send an installed photo for my own portfolio.  It gives me such a good feeling that their own friends and family enjoy my artwork. It is truly a positive reinforcement for me.