Steve Sperry

Engaged in art and music from an early age, Steve Sperry has worked with a variety of materials and has sustained a life long creative energy. As a mid-life Graduate of the International Academy of Design & Technology, he discovered the artistic potential of design-based software. Enthralled with the freedom and malleability this technology-based medium afforded he embraced it as his primary means of expression. Infusing traditionally based artistic technique into the virtual creative process he blends the best of both worlds producing images that are vibrant, serene, ethereal and organic.

Artistic influences are many and varied, including; Andre Masson, Rene Magritte, Jackson Pollock, Peter Max, Kenneth Huff, and most predominately fellow artist and friend Michael Braun. Steve’s highly expressive images and use of color and form create subtle dimensions that seduce the viewer into a visual exploration.

The Images are created using various software programs. I start with a blank canvas and freely create images, usually with no preconceived idea of an end result. As the image develops, a theme or flavor emerges, from this point it is an exercise in combining complementary colors, shapes, and forms. The works vary considerably in style owing to the infinite possibilities inherent in the software as well as an incessant commitment to exploring new ground.

Images are printed with archival inks in various sizes, on canvas, watercolor paper, and high gloss photo paper. Work priced according to size and material. Many of the works are a giclee series (1 of 1). Essentially making the work a one of a kind original. In addition to an extensive library of works, custom images can be tailored to fit your specific esthetics.