Sarah King

Artist Statement:

I am captivated by lines and the relationships formed between them. Lines—in patterns, architecture, nature— all have these wonderful interactions; leading your eyes to dart one way or another; creating dynamic negative spaces; evoking conscious and subconscious emotional responses. In a sense, simplicity and minimalism are important to me, but I think it has more to do with efficiency—efficiency in creating and communicating. Most forms of visual communication start with a line. This interest in lines and exploring relationships has influenced my ceramic forms. Lines and geometric shapes painted on the surface echo the straight forward, angular silhouettes. Decoration, form, and function collaborate to deliver a unique experience with everyday objects.

Artist Bio:

Sarah King received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida in 2015. The ceramics specialization track allowed her to intensely explore the world of clay—spending two years researching and reimagining prehistoric and primitive pottery techniques. Upon graduation, she moved to Tampa where she currently teaches art and ceramics at a city art studio. The utilitarian work she creates is made on the pottery wheel, painted with underglazes and liners, and fired in an electric kiln. Her designs explore the interactions of lines and geometric shapes arranged in methodical patterns or casual whereabouts. She draws inspiration from architecture and infrastructure, natural landscapes, and primitive motifs. Through her functional ceramic art, she hopes to conjure joy and thoughtfulness in the everyday activities of life. One may consider the coffee when the mug is considerable; appreciate the vibrancy of an apple when it is elevated; care more for the meal in the carefully crafted bowl. Her wares are intended to be a part of your routine without contributing to the monotony.