Sanjib Mallik

It took me 30 years to perfect my proprietary technique Infused Acrylic that I use to create my art. Layers of silk fabric and pigments are infused with acrylic to make this art.

My art is based on high aesthetics and supported by my understanding of what it is to be human and the truth that we are more than our physical body. We are spiritual beings and our life energy spans far beyond our mere line of sight or sound. We belong to a realm of imagination and creativity.

I make my art with a single purpose, to bring the viewer to a higher state of being and awareness. This higher state is characterized by a smile on a face or a twinkle in the eyes. It is as if living energy has suddenly entered one’s self where there was less of it before.

My art lifts the tired and enlivens one’s spirit. I give the viewer fresh new perspectives on ordinary things, present patterns that exist in nature in great harmony, but people seldom observe.

People who have experienced my art have said that it makes them feel limitless, it adds such harmony and aesthetics to their environment that their home and office transcends into an expansive and illuminated place to live and grow in. They say that my art enhances their individuality, magnifies their personality, highlighting such qualities as exclusivity, wealth, success, power and reach.

I have seen the extraordinary and lasting effect my art has on my clients as each year brings to me many new clients I now call friends.