Qinghong Wei, PhD

Hello! My name is Qinghong Wei, and it means “the artist who celebrates water” in Chinese. As an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, and educator. I practice and teach the Art of Flow: daily artistic practices for grounding in Truth, Beauty, and Love. These practices include watercolor painting, oriental dance, and storytelling. This work is grounded in both the Eastern way of Knowing and the Western way of Research.

I have been privileged to work with thousands of diverse people in diverse communities from rural Appalachia to Pacific Northwest. I host art workshops and projects nationwide and internationally, working with universities and organizations including MIT, the City of Seattle, Southern California Public Radio, etc. I am actively engaged in the local community in Tampa Bay, collaborating with institutions including the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art, the Franciscan Center, USF OLLI, Life Enrichment Center for the Arts, etc. I am very honored to be the awardee of the 2019 ACHC Artist Development Grant, and a panelist for the 2020 ACHC Cultural Development Grant.

I am grateful to be on this path following the inner light, studying how art impact people and community, creating genuine art from the heart, and sharing my learning with diverse people in Tampa Bay and around the world.