Pam Moody

Pam Moody was born in Sarasota, FL and grew up along the “Treasure Coast” in the town of Ft. Pierce, FL. Her rural upbringing along the Atlantic coast afforded her the opportunity to study, and personally interact with the abundant marine and wildlife prevalent in the area. As a child, she spent countless hours with her family in and on the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean, exploring the many islands, boating, fishing, swimming and playing in the woods surrounding her home. To this day, these experiences remain a major influence in her work.

As a native of Florida, her foremost attention as a ceramic artist has been focused on the indigenous and invasive species of the state. She is interested in creating these species in a realistic format, as well as presenting them in a non-traditional, humorous, or out-of-context state. Pam is self-taught in the ceramic arts and hand-builds all of her works from stoneware and earthenware clay bodies using sculpt, slab, and coil techniques. Her work is then fired in an electric kiln. To complete the process she hand-glazes each piece using multiple commercial glazes to achieve unique and unpredictable results. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is original in thought and design.