Nicole Poteete

I am a 23-year-old artist. I do acrylic paintings ranging from surrealism to portraits and everything in between, and I do custom pieces for clients. I am also an environmental activist, and I make jewelry and home decor from recycled materials that I collect from friends and family (such as soda cans, bottle caps, beer bottles, cardboard, etc). I call this product line “Pretty Garbage,” and I sell it alongside my paintings in my online store ( I hope my unique creations inspire people to be more conscious of what they throw away and to upcycle their own “trash” more often so that less garbage makes it into our landfills. I donate 25% of the profits from my store to the IS Foundation( to help fund even more projects that will help save our planet and its creatures. I am a member of this organization’s Florida community crew and I have my own fundraiser for the IS Foundation here: Please contact me through my store if you would like a custom painting done. I can also create custom “Pretty Garbage” pieces for you as well (if you want particular colors used or a specific quote or song lyric on your piece). Thank you, and go green!