Mark Mitchell

I am a multimedia artist, specializing in painting Conceptual Pop Art, as seen during Art Basel Miami at Scope and Select Fair; See| Me Exhibitions at the Louvre and Armory ARts Week NYC; Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Tampa; and featured on FOX13-TV Good Morning Tampa Bay.

As a Pratt graduate, SVA alum and former NYC advertising creative director, I have spent my career honing my visual and communication skills. Always in pursuit of “The Big Idea”, I have learned how to put concept first, and manipulate imagery to surprise, persuade and reward the viewer. Whether the medium is painting, photography, design, music, spoken word or video, I reach for everything in the toolbox that can help achieve that goal — sometimes all of the above. And I’ve used these skills to sell everything from beer to bestsellers to cable TV to miracle drugs.

Today, my approach as an artist is to draw on the power of mass media and pop culture, while repurposing its icons, imagery and techniques to deliver a more personal artistic statement. Through the use of meaningful juxtaposition and social commentary, my work is an exploration of the irony, contradiction, parallels and harmony to be found in 21st-century life.