Mark A. Lembo

Even keeping to a simple palette, there are still so many ideas to explore and evolve with various media, surfaces, and techniques.  Abstract art – and cooking! – provide great freedom and the joy of discovery through the creative process.

Mark feels best when he brings works to life that are distinctive, challenge easy categorization, capture the synergy of melding diverse media, and blur the lines between watercolor, alcohol ink, acrylic pouring, and action painting styles.

The media employed are mostly liquid and may include acrylic inks, liquid watercolor, metallic watercolor, pearlescent inks, dyes, surfactants, and the occasional drop, or two, of alcohol ink. To date, his preferred surface to work on has been Yupo™ synthetic paper.

His latest adventures have been in the direction of ‘strip weaving,’ montage and collage, as the mixture of different media and surfaces within a work seems to ‘abstract the abstracts.’

Mark is mostly self-taught and is in the second phase of his art career, after having had some success in 2006-08 in an earlier ‘incarnation.’  Lately, he has been developing new ideas and giving back to local art organizations as a volunteer board member.  He serves on the Board of Trustees of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (PAVA), and is a member of Tampa Regional Artists, Warehouse Arts District Association, The Exhibiting Society of Artists (TESA) and Art Works in Richmond, VA.

In 2022, Mark was a micro grant recipient from the Gobioff Foundation and he received a professional development grant from the Hillsborough County Art Council, in Tampa.

See Mark’s CV at his LinkedIn profile