Lynn Rattray

Painting the things I love brings much joy to this artist’s life!  My subject matter is varied, which keeps things lively!  Simply put, I paint what makes me happy.

I simply love the world of abstract painting and daily learn more about the possibilities of what can emerge when I enter that zone.  I also have an affinity for our Tampa free-roaming street chickens and love capturing their funny personalities, as well as their iridescent beauty.  Add to that other furry and winged creatures, the beauty of our Florida scenery and it’s no wonder that I never stare at a blank canvas and wonder what to paint!

No matter the subject, my joy comes in mixing and dipping my brush and palette knife into juicy color, then letting the paint fly!  I find delight in the resulting impressionistic art, and marvel at the color and richness brought about by both oil and acrylic paints!  So many of my works just seem to paint themselves while I have the time of my life!

My wish is that the viewer senses my inspired passion and pauses, even for a moment, to share in the joy of this thing I love.  I proudly admit to being a compulsive daily painter and my hope is that I make our world a more beautiful place!