Ljubica Prince

My name is Ljubica Prince (pronounced Lubitza). I was born and grew up in Croatia, a small European Country East of Italy. It has breathtaking scenery and village culture, which is still ingrained in my soul, and I hope evident in my jewelry designs. For 2/3 rds of my life, I have lived in the beautiful state of Florida, USA where I am surrounded by abundant hues, shapes, colors, and textures of nature. I love combining different components into a harmonious combination of visual personality and style. I’ve always been into communicating through Art, and have worked in several different mediums. Before the digital age, I worked for years as an airbrush artist and photo retoucher. These skills combine patience and attention to detail which I use in creating jewelry designs today. Each piece of my jewelry is uniquely designed with quality in mind, where each wire is bent, twisted, curled, cut and polished for durability and long-lasting wear–and when properly cared for, should last a lifetime. If you wish to have an original design to reflect personal styles feel free to consult me on a custom piece.