Lauren Head

What has triggered my passion for art the strongest is the investigation of the textures and shapes of nature. The world around us has so much to explore. I have always been very intrigued by all that nature has to offer. From an early age, I have connected with pottery perhaps because it comes from the earth that has driven me to express myself and pursue art. Or perhaps because of its mailable effects. The world around us is so amazing and truly inspirational, and under the ocean’s surface is a whole other environment with different animals, sea creatures, and plants. When I explore a mountainside or I am overcome by the beauty of oceans and sunsets I have a certain urge to create art, the way I see nature. I have spent most of my childhood outside dissecting the meaning of all that was around me and collecting bugs, seashells, and other natural treasures.

Clay work comes naturally to me, it is almost as if the wheel in which I work on and I become one. As the wheel is spinning I center the clay between my hands and it begins to relent and flow with me. As I start to mold it into the desired shape I often get lost in it through the process. Similar to when I was younger finding myself far away from my parents all the sudden, lost in the woods smelling the trees and brush around me, and this suddenly bringing me peace. These are the times in my life I have felt most free, just being lost in the wilderness. I find much comfort in nature and often look to it for peacefulness, inspiration, and serenity.

In capturing the beauty of nature, I allow organic lines to flow across my artwork, much like the patterns of waves or the wind. While incising those lines it gives me a sense of release. This powerful feeling achieved in the studio, begs me to come back for more. I am also fascinated by the mixing of elements and bringing them to the topmost temperatures to create a color transformation on the surface.