Larry Gagner

My dormant artistic passions gradually surfaced while at the U of F, but becoming an All-American Gator guard and a 2nd round Steeler starter for four straight years still dominated my person until my later retirement.

My paintings are representational, stressing moment and movement through the manipulation of distorted perspective, fragmentation, and off-registration. I’ve exhibited in museums, art galleries, group shows, had three one-man shows, and numerous Florida Sidewalk Art Festivals, receiving my fair share of prize money and accolades.

Glass block sculpture ( was practically thrown into my lap by my salvaging some old pieces from my family’s motel in Ormond Beach, Florida before it was demolished for condominiums in the ’80s.

My Christian ministry ( basically changes common road signs into Christian prompts for sustainment and renewal of your faith.

Thee ( is my Christian field event that utilizes my whimsical props (worldly worded cones, worded footballs, minnow nets, throw through buoys, and bucket list pails) to reinforce Christian FUNdamentals to youth groups at camps, rallies, festivals, parties, etc.

I also publically speak from selected and humorous highlights of my career that are taken from my manuscript “Dancing in the Shadows.”

I invite you to look around my websites. Chances are, you’ll find something about me, that you like about you. I certainly hope so! God bless.