Kayla Moon

Believing that colors invoke emotions, Tampa Bay Artist, Kayla Moon loves to incorporate color and texture into her work.

Inspired by nature (galaxies, geodes, natural stones), Moon likes to create a unique experience for viewers through her art. From far away her paintings may look like a mashup of colors. But when one comes closer, they can see the beauty in the details as the colors intertwine to create patterns and bold pops of metallic gold create a texture one could imagine touching. This intimate experience between the eye and the art reflects the notion that to fully understand anything, we must come closer to take in even the smallest of details.

She enjoys the versatility of acrylics and spray paints on traditional canvas. She’s created both larger and small pieces and works with a diverse clientele on various projects and custom art designs. She has been featured in various galleries in Florida including the Henao Contemporary Center in Orlando and The Old Hyde Park Art Gallery in Tampa.

As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner and art enthusiast, Moon is proud to be an advocate for the arts and creativity.