Jim Kissane, Oral Storyteller

I’m an oral storyteller.

20 years ago I chose “The Story of industrial America” (the era from the 1850s-1950s) as an important set of stories to tell.

Why? Because in my youth I grew up surrounded by Giants that were part of America’s phenomenal growth. Because these “Giants”, were people who shared with me first-hand accounts of day-to-day life in mining, railroads, and steel mills, to name a few. I’d sit for hours listening to stories from family members and other people that made their living, (and shared their struggles) in foundries, oil fields, huge factories, refineries, and building massive bridges and skyscrapers.

So I decided, that these stories were so important, that they needed to be preserved, and told, to future generations. And that is what I do.

Audiences in the Tampa Bay area, across the U.S. and internationally, gather to hear me sharing what life was like at that time. Because people like to hear new insights into the people, places, events, and technology of that era.
And give them new insights and appreciation for most of the products and conveniences we today take for granted.

In the hundreds of stories I have written (all based upon historical accounts and documents), I expose “the rest of the story”; stories that have you have never heard before.

May I share my work with you?
Please visit JimKissane.com for details.