Janice Ritter Kadushin

Janice Ritter Kadushin studied at the Art Students League in New York City under Mario Cooper. She has been a life member of the League for over thirty years. While classically trained in New York, she truly found her artistic voice in Florida. The vivid colors of sunsets and ocean waters are influences in her work. Additionally, works of literature often inspire her imagery as she aims to elicit an emotional response for the viewer. Janice pushes colors to their fullest potential and enjoys the spontaneity of water-based mediums, juxtaposing them with the precision and delicacy of pen and ink.

Her work has been shown in NYC and is in corporate and private collections.  As well as being a life member of the Art Students League, she is a member of the Collections Committee of the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art.

Her studio is at the Stirling Art Galleries, 730 Broadway, Dunedin, FL.