James Sulpizio

James Sulpizio is a visual artist living and working out of Tampa, Florida. Most of his artwork consists of colorful, high-energy, abstract art paintings.

Recent work celebrates vibrant colors with ubiquitous shapes or elements that cannot be specifically identified but appear familiar in some way.  

Using many different mediums in his works, acrylic and oil paints, collage, paper, string, and stretched canvas are just some of the materials. Artwork sizes range from intimate to one of his largest ongoing works being 4’ x 5’ that is still in the creation process. 

Before moving to Tampa, James studied at the University of Miami and was introduced to ceramic clay figure sculpting. He did this alongside his passion for painting and even branched out further by learning to use digital tools and concepts which helps aid in his art creation process. 

He graduated from the University of South Florida with his BFA in Studio Art during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. While in quarantine, he created paintings that reflected on the world he was experiencing. These works are most often commented on and discussed by art lovers and the public when on display at shows and galleries. 

Becoming an adaptable artist is key for James to keep evolving with the world of today, he finds visiting traditional art ideas joyful but dares not conform to the notion of a narrow path of art-making. For him, art creation at its purest is in the act of creation, not just the end result.

James is becoming more active in the arts community locally and is looking for national and international reach. His work can be seen and purchased in various local public shows and online.