Gianna Pergamo

Gianna Pergamo is an illustrator and designer from Brooklyn, NY. She now lives in Florida and works from her art studio at Studios@5663 in Pinellas Park. Gianna began combining paint and collage while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she graduated in 2011.

Gianna’s work centers around her love for animals. Whether outfitted in vintage clothing or transformed into a hybrid mermaid creature, her loveable cast of deer, pigs, raccoons, otters, cats, and more all have their own special stories to tell. Her interest in all types of animals is ever-expanding as she finds inspiration in wildlife and the local nature parks surrounding her. Gianna’s favorites are the alligators, as she transforms foreboding and aggressive creatures into charming beings.

Gianna’s process involves layering original acrylic painting, photocopied (and re-photocopied and re-photocopied) images, drawing, gel transfers of patterns, and other materials. Gianna usually works on several pieces at once so she is able to mix and match collaged pieces with painted ones.  Gianna approaches her work as more an act of discovery than a task to be completed.

Gianna founded Pergamo Paper Goods in 2012, a wholesale and retail business that sells a line of items made from her art. Her work can be found both online as well as in boutiques and museum shops across the country.