Evie Zimmer

Evie Zimmer is an American artist creating and teaching in Tampa, Florida. Her early work consists mainly of traditional portrait paintings, although she had always been drawn to the intricate design and energetic beauty of op-art. Eventually, Evie began to explore her op-art fascination and her work blossomed into her current mesmerizing style. Evie’s work has been described as a “strange loop” of process and product. Her oil paintings radiate an inherent energy field, not unlike traditional mandalas with acidic colors transforming into soothing pastels, and geometric patterns melting into exotically organic shapes. Recently, Evie’s paintings have become more floral and symmetric yet still maintain her unique and recognizable abstract style.

Evie is quite active in the arts community both locally and nationally. Her work has been shown, sold, and published across the country including New York City, Art Basel Miami, Palm Springs, Ca., various publications and online shows, and digital billboard displays in Baltimore and on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Evie is constantly creating new work from her studio in Tampa where she welcomes visitors and students.