Elisabeth Bezemer

I am interested in how body (matter) and mind (energy) are related. My work is to investigate this relationship in myself, my life and my art, based on the conviction/experience that these seemingly separated objects are in reality one. My vision has a strong relationship with Taoist philosophy. Years spent in the practice of Taoist meditation, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi Kung are all part of this investigation.


1962-2000 The Netherlands, 2000-2002 Kunming China, 2002-2007 Chiangmai Thailand, 2007-2011 Suzhou / Nanjing China, 2011- Tampa USA


1980-82 Fashion College Marja van Riel Rotterdam NL, 1982-85 Art College St. Joost Breda NL, 1989 Detex Textile Business Course Amsterdam NL, 1994 Painting lessons with Harold Schouten, 1997 Feng Shui Workshops with Ronald Chin, 1997 MEMO Art Business Training Amsterdam NL, 1997-99 CNT Massage Training NL & TH 2004 TCM training Chiang Mai TH, 2010 advanced Acupuncture training, 2010-2013 Master degree TCM Nanjing University China


1996 Nomination for the Sourcy Fountain Prize, 2000 VCCA Lynchburg, VA, USA Artist-in-residence Fellowship


2009 14-28 March Budapest Hungary Opera Gallery “Contemporary Dutch Art”, 2007 1-23 March Chiangmai Thailand Ji-Qoo Gallery “Fluids”, 2006 March Chiang Mai Thailand La Luna Gallery “Farang Farang”, 2005 May- June Chiang Mai TH Chiang Mai University Museum “Heart of the street”, 2002 April-July Kunming China ZEIT Gallery exhibition Solo Exhibition, 2001-02 December/January Kunming China “Spanning 4+4” An International Exhibition of 4 Chinese artists and 4 European artist, 2001 March/December Kunming China Solo exhibition “Circular Movement” The Hump, 2000 22 May Amherst, VA, USA Artist appreciation/ open studio VCCA, 1999 7-29 November Rotterdam NL Gallery Io duo paintings exhibition, 1999 24-27 September Amsterdam NL Open studio route including central exhibition in the Pijp Art Space, 1999 24 -26 April Edam NL Exhibition of Water Sculptures “Mirror of Love” and “Mermaid” on Edam Open House Art route, 1998 24-26 November Amsterdam NL Open Studio weekend at the Lloyd Hotel, 1997 28 June-31 September Rozendaal NL Sculpture exhibition at Rosendael Gardens, 1996 11-12 May Amsterdam NL Open studio route organized by the Society for Free Designers VES Central exhibition at WG Expohal. Fashion show at the Design Institute 1995 February Rotterdam, The Netherlands Fashion presentation at Hotel New York, a “Culi-dis” project by the Society for Free Designers. 1995 Summer Dordrecht, The Netherlands Exhibition at Gallery Intermezzo. 1992 31 April-14 June Amsterdam NL Interdisciplinary group exhibition at Gallery W139


4&4 Catalogue Spanning 2001, Art World Chinese art magazine May 2002, HIP lifestyle magazine Interview March 2007, Exhibition Catalogue Opera Gallery Budapest March 2009