Dustin Goolsby

Dustin Goolsby was raised in Polk County, Florida. Crayons to comics he was led to practicing figurative drawing and this aided his acceptance to a magnet art school in Lakeland, Florida. Dustin’s work there was heavily illustrative, with a natural eye for design. However, more expressive fine arts had always been a stronger interest. After high school, Dustin decided to attend a small private college in Temple Terrace, Florida to pursue spiritual growth and liberal studies. The art program wasn’t strong, and his office jobs left him longing for creative expression. After realizing art was an essential part of his life and all future pursuits would surround it he has now decided art is no longer a hobby, but a life path. Dustin’s current work has developed from his love of rust, patina, chipped paint, age and deterioration. The acrylic medium allows quick layering of story after story on a still surface creating a sort of history. This overlapping of colors and textures expresses his fascination with the decay of both industrial and organic elements. Surfaces which are usually ignored or unseen by many, capture his attention and inspire him to share with the world. Dustin thinks of his art as an extension of what he experiences in these things and thus expresses how he sees the world.