Diana Marcelino

My name is Diana Marcelino I lived most of my life in the city of Miami, Fl. I started exploring my artistic side at the age of ten. My father is an artist and I would say it’s in the genes. I love creating work that is different. I wouldn’t say I have one specific style of painting. I like to spend time mastering different techniques. Honestly different things inspire me, mainly my emotional state, I lose myself and separate myself from the world as I paint. It’s my getaway; my safe haven. It’s the only time in which I am not on my phone and I can unplug from the rest of the world, while still being intact and one with the universe. I love spirituality, I love colors, depth and meaning. Sometimes I have a concept in mind and I like to put it into play in my work. People have different views on things and I like my artwork to create an impact and make people think about what I have projected on to the canvas.