Deb Slowey

Artist Statement Where I have my portfolio as well as a blog. I also have a link to purchase high quality at a reduced price works on paper. I create paintings, which engage the viewer with both visual and intellectual subjects that tell stories about a personal myth, a legend, or a story placed in a moment of time. The story can take place in the past or the future and is based on the science of optics, biology and physics of the natural world. These stories are grand narratives that include a human and an animal, and other relevant objects that tell the story. These works have a familiar quality to them and allow the viewer to use their own imagination to complete the story, in collaboration with the author. Science and art intertwine and my interest in Life, Social, Physical and Formal Sciences heavily influence my work.

Curiosity and the importance of curiosity is something that drives my work. Through representational paintings, I create narratives that are slightly familiar and inclusive, yet use “chance” by setting up a prescribed repeatable formula by random access.

Explorations in the paintings are juxtaposed to the structure of numerology and geometrical theory Golden section and Phi in nature in order to create a genre that communicates across cultures of geographic, philosophic and economic affinities.