David Braun

“Beauty within the ordinary”, this simple statement is what David Braun strives to accomplish each and every time he begins to work on one of his amazing creations. David believes people these days move so fast they fail to stop and see the true beauty nature has to offer. Beauty that can never be duplicated or outdone by anything man could create on his own. It’s this simple statement that drives David Braun to continue his life long work. Forcing people to slow down, forget about business meetings, deadlines, and the other countless problems in this fabricated world. See this simple overwhelming beauty that nature has to offer, with the power of slowing down and calming even the most stressed-out “nine to five” worker and show them life has much more to offer. David Braun’s immensely detailed, simple yet elegant pieces, do far more than this. In fact, some have said them to be therapeutic. David feels this is the greatest reward he could ever receive.