Dave Alber

Dave Alber — Artist Statement (July 2020)
Maintaining a trajectory from traditional oil and acrylic painting to contemporary VR art, my Hybrid VR Paintings invite participants to explore their cultural orientation in time and space, particularly in the context of aesthetic stasis, historical trajectories, and rhythmic pulsations.

My technologies: Hybrid VR PaintingsThe Floating Gallery, and the VR Paintings app all bridge the continuity of the oil and acrylic
painting tradition with VR technology as well as web, mobile, stereoscopic VR headset, flat screen, and immersive projection room systems. (These technologies can be found here: http://davealber.com.)

These expressions of representational art unbroken from the arrow-like trajectory of tradition can, at their best, engage participants in a pre-verbal discourse sensually affecting fundamental perceptual orientations within the contemporary historical moment; causal time and space; the undergirding state of aesthetic stasis; and the thoroughly interpenetrating pulsations of awareness that embrace this singular fever of paradox.

The project Resilient Americana documents my return to small-town America and meditating on the underappreciated virtues of America’s resilient, free, and dynamic culture. Resilient Americana is a VR art experience that explores the hardiness of American virtues found within the people, customs, and culture of our nation. (http://resilientamericana.com).