Cristina Denegri

Cristina Denegri was born in Peru, she is a self-taught artist and in her beginnings, as an artist, she was one of the founders of the “El Templo” cultural and artistic workshop, centered in Lima-Peru. She started exhibiting her art professionally 19 years ago. She moved from Peru to Florida, United States 18 years ago, and in 2005 opened an art gallery where she worked as an artist and gallery director. She has been exhibiting in national and international art events since then. Last year she was the recipient of the “Hispanic Leadership Class Award” as the Artist of the Year in Tampa, Florida, she was also selected as one of the “Best Contemporary Artists of 2017” in Berlin, Germany. Her artworks are included in private and corporate collections across the US and internationally.

I describe my art as “Emotional Spiritualism” In my art I express humanity’s internal search for themselves, the meaning of life, the connection that exists between us through the energy we transmit, also I apply a theory around human emotions, I’m a very strong believer that there is nothing most important in this world of ours, but that of the quality of life that emotions bring to us, therefore my work seeks to represent and manifest my personal beliefs and theories of the human psyche using my own style consists of geometrical shapes, humans figures, open and loosely strong traces, dripping, masked faces, fictitious characters and vibrant oil colors to enrich, enforce and project those ideas.