Cora Waterhouse

I am a visual artist and art instructor, Cora Waterhouse. I’ve been making and teaching art for over 35 years. I’ve written and presented After-school Art classes, Art Discovery Camps and Museum Outreach programs to children of all ages.

My commission work always begins with collaboration. I’m addicted to matching skills and mediums with ideas. Choosing the right translation is the type of creative energy that drives my artistic expression. I deliver portraits and landscapes in charcoal, pastel, chalks, acrylics and oils. I like illustration work and have drawn a few books and freelance projects. My murals can be found in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Alabama. My portraits, paintings and drawings hang in homes in the US, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, and Scotland.     

I began writing my StART series of adult art classes 15 years ago. Teaching gives my practice of art making a purpose. While I share skills and hone my own. Each class includes written lesson plans, discussions and demonstrations. Teaching has also been a great way to truly connect with brilliant people from all over the world. When my husband and I moved to Southeast Asia 8 years ago, I taught my classes in Singapore for 3 years and Kuala Lumpur for 2 before moving back to the US in 2017.

Tampa has been terrific!  Tampa Regional Artists welcomed  StART classes at the Old Hyde Park Art Center. I also practiced my passion for teaching children over the summers. For two years, I taught underserved kids at community centers in St Petersburg for The Dali Museum. I also wrote and taught Art Expressions Camp for Hillsborough Community College’s Kids College. In early 2020, I joined the artist collective, Cypress and Rome and launched  4 more classes at Lulu Studio. In March, all 7 StART classes converted easily to Zoom. The virtual classroom has opened enrollment to folks anywhere. Current classes include folks in Canada, North Carolina and Orlando.