Chris Chomick + Peter Meder

“Our design process starts with an attitude. We find inspiration in strange and unusual imagery; beautiful, but disturbing, intriguing yet provoke feelings of uneasiness. Interesting faces encountered on our travels, outrageous hairstyles, centuries-old religious icons and ornately embellished wax effigies; are the creative seeds for many of our figures. When we come across an interesting item, we wonder, “Who would wear such a thing?” and design a character that would.”

The husband and wife team of Peter Meder and Chris Chomick have been working together for thirty-eight years. They met in 1978, while working as clerks in an art supply store in the Chicago Loop and discovered their mutual fascination with puppets, stop-motion films, and mechanical toys. They immediately began collaborating on various projects; one of the first being a stop-motion animated puppet of the Dutch Boy for Sherwin Williams Paints, this began a career creating special effects for national television commercials.

Inspired by their interests in puppets and animation, Chris and Peter combined the knowledge and strengths of their different art backgrounds to create their own unique form of figurative art and automata.

Chomick+Meder’s work has been featured in various national and international art doll and automata publications and is included in many private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Members of Florida CraftArt, St. Petersburg, Florida
Artist members of NIADA, an international artists organization. Elected 1997

Chomick+Meder CV