Brenda Gregory

Brenda R. Gregory is a native Floridian artist residing in the city of Tampa. She has been teaching adults and children since 2007, after leaving her job in corporate banking. Brenda received her BFA in Medical Illustration and Associate of Applied Science in Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1984. She began her diverse art career as a medical and scientific illustrator and then as a graphic designer. In 2000, she started studying metalsmithing and jewelry making. Brenda enjoys sharing her love of art with adults and children. She is currently working with recycled plastics, painting, drawing and metals, focusing on the importance of recycling. Her courses help children learn about their impact on the environment as well as create fun works of art from the trash they collect. Students are faced with finding interesting creations from objects they would have otherwise discarded. Brenda believes that the arts enhance the minds of children; not only in learning creative skills but using logic and applying creativity to strategic planning. She currently has her own business making jewelry and doing graphic design and illustration.