Anna Rodriguez

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Anna Elvira Rodríguez  

Anna Elvira Rodriguez is a Colombo-American citizen, was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she started working in the banking industry for many years and then as an entrepreneur in the fashion business and the insurance agent services. 

Elvira Buitrago, as she is known to her friends, moved to the US in 2000 and has been living in Tampa since 2005. She has a degree in Interior Decoration, where she found her calling in doing elaborate compositions for local businesses. She expanded her training under the guidance of an art instructor in Bogota. Her work has been mostly in geometric and 3-dimensional works. 

With her experience as a painter, she has developed her own techniques and designs accentuating her works in three dimensions. 

I have participated in several exhibitions in which some of his works have been awarded. 

His goal is to grow more as an artist and to share my knowledge.